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How to Make a Rubber Band Gun

Back in the times when youngsters made a lot of their toys, some devious minor thoughts came up with a way to fireplace rubber bands off far more than their very own thumbs. As a result was born the rubber band gun. These days, they are taking pleasure in such a resurgence of reputation, that you can even buy guns carved from wooden, that replicate genuine weapons this kind of as repeating rifles, pistols and much more.

But for a simply weapon to give your pals a snapping very good time, attempt this. Gather up a piece of wood, this sort of as a limited segment of 1x2" lumber, a picket clothespin, some Nuts Glue, a nail and a hammer.

You're going to want to glue the clothespin at the rear of the 1" side, which should be on top. But initial, consider a nail no more than two" lengthy, and one/8" thick, and minimize the flat head off, and file it down. Mark on the piece of wood, the place the end of the clothespin will be, and push the nail into the wood, sharp end down, about one/three" from where the mark is. Depart about three/four" of the nail sticking up.

Now drill a hole through the stop of the clothespin, with a bit that is somewhat more substantial than the width of the nail. Make certain you drill via each sides of the pin. Use glue to one slender side of the clothespin, from the open up end, down to the drilled hole. Never get glue in the gap. Now spot the clothespin on the piece of 1x2", producing positive it really is received the nail fitted by means of the gap. You might want to try out the suit, just before implementing the glue.

Minimize a notch in the stop of your wooden, just underneath the prime, so you can hook a single conclude of the rubber band there. Now pull it back again, and hook the other finish more than the protruding nail. To hearth, just open up Banded Bandit® Six Shooter . There ought to be ample motion to permit the higher part of the pin, to push the rubber band off.

For a lot more zing to your gun, reduce a second shorter piece of wooden and glue it beneath at a 90-degree angle, to approximate the form of a pistol. Insert your nail and glue your clothespin to the back of the "grip". This will make for a for a longer time stretch to the band, and much more snap when you fire.